Treatment Foster Care FY19 Annual Report released!

San Mar Family & Community Services is proud to highlight the important work occurring at Treatment Foster Care with the release of the Fy19 Annual report! Follow the link here to see the full report: SanMarAnnualReport_FY2019-compressed

“Just Call” Film Premiere

Bester Community of Hope releases “Just Call”, an important video to educate the general public to see the signs of child abuse & neglect, and a call to action for families to get the supportive services they need to prevent child abuse. Originally intended to premiere at the now postponed April 9th event “Breaking the Cycle” due to COVID-19, the short film and supplemental video is now available on the Bester Community of Hope website and their corresponding YouTube channel. Developed with HighRock and Authentic Community Theatre, as well as other important stakeholders and funders, is released during the month of April in concert with Child Abuse Prevention Month. Learn more about this effort and our work at