San Mar serves a lot of children, families and communities that have experienced trauma.

To respond to this challenge, we create and maintain an appropriate and consistent structure that is balanced with a genuine sense of healthy nurture. This challenges belief systems that have been destructive in the past. It also allows youth and families to form life-long connections with staff. This helps individuals assume ownership of their life and responsibility for their actions. Our core values are as follows:

Whatever it Takes – Sticktoitiveness
What if it was your child? Family? Sense of urgency and tenacity

Better Together – Collective Impact
It is possible to do things alone, but it’s not lasting, and boy is it harder!

Relationships Matter – Hardwired to Connect
Survival through Belonging, safety and respect build trust

Having Fun is Priority
Enjoy the journey, self care makes caring for others possible

Everyone has Strengths
Seek them, and use them to build momentum