San Mar board names officers

By Mike Lewis – Herald Mail

    The Board of Managers of San Mar Family & Community Services recently approved its slate of executive officers and committee chairs.

Moving into executive officer roles are: President Ryan Lampton of Middletown Valley Bank; Vice President Mark Halsey of University System of Maryland at Hagerstown; Treasurer and Finance Chair Jamie Iseminger of MKS&H and Secretary Teri Cholewicki of Global HR Recruiter.

In addition, the following members continue their service with the board for another year: James Marshall, personnel chair; David Lidz, programs chair; Harry Reynolds, planning chair and Susan Peterson, Sara Abshari and Angela Ford.

“The San Mar Board of Managers reflects a committed group of community leaders who are invaluable to our organization with their time, treasures and talents,” San Mar Family & Community Services Chief Executive Officer Keith Fanjoy said in a news release.

“As with past members, this group will ensure that our organization is accountable and responsive to the needs of our community, and are advocates to share the important work we continue to accomplish every day for children, families and communities. We look forward to another year of accomplishing important work and helping San Mar continue to lead the way as an innovative 21st Century child welfare organization.”

During the meeting, the board also recognized the efforts of outgoing President Noel Williams and Program Chair Thomas Burge.


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